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What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that are entered into each internet user’s computer system through our website in the form of a text file to store information about the user’s interaction with the website.

We essentially use them to better process your subsequent sessions. You can still use our website, but we cannot tailor our content to your interests.

Privacy and security

The use of cookies on our website is a matter of security for our website. We use all user data, including yours, and ensure that no information is shared with third parties. It is our primary duty to use all your small details correctly and to keep you happy after each visit.

Subscribe and register

It is important to our website that you have the best experience when you subscribe to Couponlike. That’s why we use cookies to make the sign-up process easier by authorising every single step you take. By using them correctly, we can ensure that you visit our website regularly. They help us to provide you and all other visitors to our website with offers that we do not make available to our first-time visitors.

Personalisation of users

To enable us to personalise our website we use cookies. These help us to recognise and understand your shopping behaviour. This allows us to provide you with better offers tailored to your needs while you are visiting our website.

Integration of third-party providers

COuponlike works with enormous third-party cookies that help deliver personalised information and offers to all users. These are secure for each individual user of our website. We never share personal user information on our website with third parties. You can without doubt stay on our website and be assured that all your personal information will be kept confidential.

We would also like to inform all our visitors about third party cookies. Most of these third party providers who work with us have their own cookies. However, we have no rights over their cookies. We are also not responsible for the policies of these parties, nor do we have any relationship with their practices. Most likely, they are analytical cookies or others used for targeting.

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