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How can I save on Mobile, TV or Broadband purchases?

  • • One simple way to keep the cost of technology devices down is to only buy new smartphones and electronics when they are actually broken. We’ve probably all bought an upgrade at one time or another, even though our mobile phone was actually still in good condition.
  • • Taking proper care of your equipment will also help you keep costs down. You’ll avoid costly repairs or replacements. Invest in protective covers, warranties and anti-virus software so you can use your devices for as long as possible.
  • • Do extensive research before buying a new device to see if there might be an equivalent, cheaper model available. Also, you usually don’t need the very latest device to use all its features. Think carefully about what you need your device for and look for those features.
  • • Browse comparison sites to look at prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal. Look at price trends on comparison portals and find the best store for your next buy.
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  • • Buy used or refurbed phones. You can quickly save up to 50 percent on the cost of electrical appliances. You can shop refurbished devices such as iPhones or other smartphones. You’ll definitely save a lot of money if you don’t buy the brand new device. The used mobiles are checked by experts and are guaranteed to run perfectly – a perfect deal. You can also find great bargains on Amazon and eBay.
  • • But you don’t just earn money when you save on your purchase. You can also resell your old mobile phone. If you use the money from the sale for your purchase, you save a few hundred euros extra on the upgrade. Plus, someone else will be happy with your device and it will find a good use.
  • • Look for deals from big department stores or electronics shops, which usually offer you an extended warranty compared to buying direct.
  • • Be prepared for promotional days like Black Friday, when there are great deals on almost all major technology brands. They offer smartphones and many accessories at great discounts. It’s definitely worth waiting until the big shopping days of the year to get the biggest discounts. Especially on Black Friday, the prices of selected devices tumble. So if you’re looking to treat yourself to some new electronics, head over to our Black Friday deals page to check out the best deals.
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