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How do I save money when booking holidays & trips?

To help you save on your holiday budget when booking holidays & trips, we have the following tips for you:


Use the promo codes on

Our deal experts are always on the lookout for the very latest vouchers online to help you make great savings on your next trip. We add the new deals to the merchant page immediately so you can benefit straight away.


Follow the expert advice for discounted prices

  • • Book your tickets at least 3 weeks in advance. This is because the more last-minute the flight, the more expensive the tickets will be.
  • • Make your reservation on weekends, preferably on Sundays: because then you can save up to 36 percent on the booking.
  • • The departure days Thursday and Friday are the cheapest for outbound flights.
  • • If you are planning a short trip, especially to big cities like Dubai or London, or are travelling on business, the airfare can be reduced by up to 25 per cent if you stay until Sunday.
  • • When booking a hotel, the price is calculated a little differently. If you want to book rooms, it’s worth booking on a Friday, because that’s when you’ll get the best prices.


Subscribe to newsletters and get the latest offers

Almost all brands send out regular newsletters with the latest offers and savings tips. You can easily subscribe to them on the website of your favourite flight service or hotel and you will receive the best tips. In addition, many providers will reward you for signing up and send you a discount on your next booking.


Follow airlines and hotels on social media for more discounts

Keep an eye out on Facebok, Instagram and Twitter for the latest competitions and offers from your favourite airline or hotel.


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Compare offers

Before you decide on the first offer, use comparison portals for travel. will directly show you different hotels for your booking. Portals like Skyscanner also show you different flight prices.


Collect loyalty points or bonus miles

It is always worthwhile to compare prices for flights and overnight stays, but it often pays to remain loyal to a company. Most airlines, such as Lufthansa and Condor, offer a loyalty programme with which you collect miles for your flights. You can redeem them for further bookings. With hotel chains like Radisson, you can request an upgrade, a free night or a special service for your loyalty points.


Stay flexible

An important tip with great savings potential is to be as flexible as possible when booking your holiday. If possible, book your trip in the low season and not during the holiday season. Then you get the best prices for accommodation, flights and local activities and there are fewer tourists on the road.


Be open to stopovers

Of course, it’s more convenient to get straight to your destination with just one flight or train ride. But if you can spend a few hours at the airport, you can often save several hundred euros on your flight or train ticket. You can also arrange your flights so that you can visit the city centre or even spend a whole day there.


Compare offers for additional services

Weigh carefully whether you book half board or full board. Which is the best choice for you depends on how you plan your holiday. If you prefer to spend the whole day by the hotel pool, the best solution is to have drinks and food provided on site. You should also take into account the prices of food in the holiday region. If the food outside the hotel is expensive, it makes more sense to use the hotel buffet. However, if you plan to do a lot of excursions, it is easier not to commit to the hotel meals. So think about all the options before booking.


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Use public transport

Regional public transport, such as taxis or buses, is often the cheapest option. Find out about local companies, which are usually bookable via an app. Bus, train or Uber are cheap ways to travel. If you are travelling alone, it is cheapest and safest to share an Uber pool, group taxi or group shuttle with other tourists or hotel guests.

Read testimonials and blogs

Why not learn from people who have already visited your dream destination? Travel bloggers are real experts on holiday tips. The better informed you are, the better deals you can find.

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