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Cyber Monday Discount Code

What is Cyber Monday?

For bargain hunters looking to grab some epic discounts before Christmas, Cyber Monday could be just the thing. This Monday after Black Friday is an online-only shopping extravaganza, bringing together hundreds of fantastic deals snapped up by eager shoppers over the weekend.


How did Cyber Monday get started?

It is difficult to trace the true beginnings of Cyber Monday. There are also numerous theories about who exactly coined the term and how it began to develop, particularly in the UK.


Just like the Black Friday phenomenon, the term Cyber Monday was coined in the US. It falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving and was probably created by hungry retailers who wanted to get customers to spend more money online after the sales slump on Thanksgiving. The more people shopped, the bigger and better deals retailers offered, which got even more people to spend their money, and so on.


However, it is also widely believed that the start of Cyber Monday sales was due to eager shoppers wanting to start their Christmas shopping on the last payday before the big day. As soon as retailers caught wind of this, they wanted in on the action and decided to slash their prices to get frugal shoppers to spend more of their hard-earned money.


Either way, it’s clear that Cyber Monday, which follows Black Friday, has become a real contender when it comes to unmissable discounts, huge price reductions and excellent bargains. This year, Cyber Monday in the UK is set to be the biggest yet, with even more retailers such as John Lewis, Tesco, Currys and Amazon jumping on the bandwagon and offering huge discounts in all departments. Now is the perfect time to get online and take advantage of the huge online deals.


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