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What do I need to know about Black Friday 2021?

You’re wondering where this November shopping craze actually comes from? From the USA, of course!


Black Friday is the greatest shopping event of the year, with hundreds of stores cutting prices and allowing bargain seekers the opportunity to score some genuinely amazing offers. It’s the ideal time to start your Christmas shopping and take advantage of the reduced prices.


Black Friday may have brought up pictures of huge lines, armies of customers scouring the shelves, and hordes of people waiting for stores to open their doors a few years ago. Fortunately, that is no longer the case, as savvy shoppers are saving money, time, and energy by participating in Black Friday discounts from the comfort of their own homes.


Participate in the Black Friday madness and get your hands on some excellent deals without lifting a finger. Bypass the lines and mayhem and get the greatest Black Friday deals and vouchers right here. But hurry, the deals won’t last long!


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Where does Black Friday come from?

Black Friday is the start of the Christmas shopping season: the deadline is 26 November. In 1961, on the bridge day after Thanksgiving (the American harvest festival), retailers lured customers into the shops with super offers.


The result? Crowds of people flocked downtown and bustled about in the shops in such a crush that the whole city went black with people. The police therefore only called the rush Black Friday. This is how Black Friday went down in shopping history.


Other myths say that the name Black Friday comes from the black numbers that are written exclusively on this day. Or does it come from the black marks left by the ink on the cashiers’ fingers? Perhaps there is some truth in all the stories.

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